We produce full electric vehicles according to our customer’s wishes and special demands to satisfy their needs in the best possible way. LTO-energy cooperates with large world-famous part manufacturers providing the most suitable top-quality parts for each vehicle model.


LTO-energy has recognized the increasing customer demand for electric vehicles on the ex-Yugoslavian territory and West Balkan countries and has developed a strategy for the modification of vehicles according to the customer’s wishes and European regulations and standards.


FUEL COSTS- high fuel cost

MAINTENANCE COSTS – high maintenance costs caused by internal combustion engine

INCENTIVES – no governmental incentives

SPECIAL TAX ON MOTOR VEHICLES – high price of special tax on motor vehicles

CO2 EMISSION – high CO2 emission = high environment pollution


FUEL COSTS -low fuel cost

MAINTENANCE COSTS – EVs don’t have internal combustion engine; lower maintenance costs

INCENTIVES – governmental incentives for purchasing EVs

SPECIAL TAX ON MOTOR VEHICLES – no special tax on motor vehicles

CO2 EMISSION – zero CO2 emission = no environment pollution